Monday, March 18, 2013

New to Blogging

Hello all,
I am a male, 49 and I live in the Western Philadelphia suburbs. This is the first time that I have blogged. I am not a great writer,but others say I am a really good story teller! My Wife,of 20 years, and I have a "normal" marriage.We share in the housework,except that I do all outside work(She does not handle the heat well) and she does the wash. I can wash the clothes I use for working in the yard,and the towels, everything else D takes care off. You know how it is,if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself.
Now to the title of the Blog, D spanks me when she feels I need it. When I need it, it is a real non sexual spanking.I am also starting a new diet this Saturday.I need to lose 84 pounds.Spanking will play a BIG part in the diet.The wooden bath bush is reserved for these real spankings. We also use spanking as foreplay, a few times a month.These are Hand,small leather paddle and a nice flogger.
I will post soon with the rules of my spanking diet.I will also track my progress on here.


  1. Welcome!
    I will love to hear about your spanking diet.
    I also put my husband david on a spanking diet for a while, but also involved his (very female) personal trainer in it as well. Hee Hee!

  2. Thank you for being my first! I went back and read you posts about the trainer.Now I am reading all of your posts. I am a little afraid to have my Wife read them!
    Thanks again,Mike

    1. Ha I can relate to that fear very well. Julie does some crazy stuff, it fun to read but I'm not so sure it would be fun to experience. Good luck with your blog!


    2. I agree,but it is a two way street. She isn't doing anything that david hasn't asked for!

  3. Would love to hear the details of your weight loss plan and if it works. Have tried a few different things but with a busy family the punishment can't always occur and then I turn back into a slacker.