Saturday, March 30, 2013

Good Friday?

It was a pretty nice day yesterday. Both D and I had off. We just went out, did some shopping,and some local sight seeing to enjoy the weather. My Sister-in law called and asked if we wanted to meet at Outback.
We had a nice evening. I ordered a steak and shrimp, salad and onion soup.Damn if i didn't eat it all while talking.D mentioned it a couple times on the way home.I was to thick to put two and two together.   
We both took a shower,and got in bed.We just chatted and we started to get touchy feely when she told me to get the bath brush.,and  I was told to lay over a couple pillows.D started spanking fairly hard,and got harder from there! It had to be 60-70 on each cheek.I can still feel my sore cheeks tingling.
After D was done,she got back in bed,and I hugged and thanked her for caring.I started to play with her breasts,and was told to skip that,and that she was ready for me to go down on her. I was surprised at how wet she was! It seams that spanking hard agrees with D.


  1. Yes indeedy! A light spanking doesn't really do it for me, but a real barn burner is a different matter. He needs to suffer for me to get excited. And then it's as you say. Down Boy!

  2. D is a fast learner. She really lit me up last night with the strap. I will post after bit about that. After I can sit a little more comfortably!:
    She has some questions,I am trying to steer her to you.

  3. Spanking agrees with all of us.....well done and glad your bottom is now being tended to the proper way, awesome.