Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How I became a Spankee

I grew up in Lancaster county,Pa. I lived four miles from a small town.I was basically a good kid.My parents didn't spank us.We lived in the woods.There wasn't a lot to do,other than play in the woods.one day a few of us found a semi underground bunker that we turned into our fort. There was an abandon quarry close to our fort. It turned out it was the storage area for dynamite.Lucky for us it was empty.Could you imagine a group of kids with dynamite? We cleaned it up,and brought a few chairs,a folding table and a camping lantern. One day,an older kid stole some beer out of his Dads' garage. I was the only one not drinking,I did not like beer(turns out I didn't like cheap beer!)
        Well, when Donna, Cindy and I got back to Donna's house,her mother smelled the beer. Mrs H told Donna to get the brush from the bedroom.Mrs H put a kitchen chair in the middle of the family room.Cindy asked if we could leave,and Mrs H said no, I want you to see this,and when I am done,I will call your parents. She had Donna lower her shorts,and put her over her lap.I will never forget,Donna had light blue panties on. She was crying from humiliation before the first brush stroke. I had a raging hard-on after the first stroke! She got a couple dozen hard strokes,her legs were kicking,and she was crying and screaming.Cindy grabbed my arm,and I actually came in my pants! That is the first and only time that happened!Mrs H made Donna stand in the corner while she called our Mothers.
A couple weeks later,I asked Donna how it felt.She said she would show me. Donna went and got the brush.She told me to take off my clothes. I dropped my jeans, and you could clearly see I was aroused.She said I want all of your clothes off! I striped,and she had me lay over her lap. She gave me a sound spanking, hard enough that I was not aroused any more.But standing in the corner, with my butt blazing, I got hard again. Donna said she would take care of it,as long as I would take care of her. Of course I agreed, and she dropped to her knees and gave me my first blow job. We then went to her room, and she let me undress her and go down on her. We repeated this numerous times that summer. We eventually graduated to intercourse.That was the first time for each of us.That was the summer that I was 15, and Donna was 17.
Donna went back to her Fathers for school.I never saw her again!
        I had a few relationships where I was the spanker. At the time,I was a biker, and worked at an independent motorcycle shop.The owner was a"club" member,so our clientele was pretty hard core.I rode and hung out with them,but never joined,just wasn't my thing. At a party I met Lucy. She was there on her bike.She was 15 years older than me.I was 25 at the time.We left there ,and went for a ride.We stopped at an overlook where you could see the city of Reading. She made it clear that she would be in control of the relationship if I had the balls to follow her to her house.It lasted a little over a year. We had a great time when we played,but I was not submissive enough for her. I am almost always the sub,or bottom,when playing,but I am not when playtime is over.
I met my wife D,and it was love at first sight.I truly believe it is the first and only time.We met the end of October,and Married in June. It took me 15 years to ask her to spank me.She agreed to spanking as foreplay. Now we are exploring other spankings.

This is enough rambling for now.


  1. Nice, first real spanking I saw the young lady was also wearing light blue panties and was brushed over her mom's knee.....I came later on but wow.

  2. It is still exciting to think about it,30 years later! Mrs H was the step Mom. I can still see the way she looked, old fashioned,even at that time.She had jet black hair,in a bouffant,blue eye shadow and Red lipstick, always wore outfits like Mrs. Roper on Threes Company.

  3. Nice thought, I can only tell you this girls mom wore a nice dress but my eyes through a window were on the panties, only. Amazing but yes very much what I lived with and what a spanking. Your story is a tad more erotice, my coming was along later on but with a blue panty bottom being spanked and hard!