Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

I hope everyone is having a Happy Easter.! I am. I am sitting in a big comfy chair right now,mostly because it is the only one that is keeping my butt from hurting. Even sitting here,I am having that special tingle you get from a well spanked ass.We went out for dinner with some friends Saturday night.We had a nice evening . We got back home around 10:45. D and and I sat in the living room for a little while watching the tv and talking about the evening. D said we aren't fooling around tonight are we? I gave a smart assed whatever.
D said that was rude. I  didn't think anything about it.
      We went back to the bedroom,got in bed,and turned the lights out.A little while later,D said she changed her mind,and said she was taking a quick shower.When she was done,I started to get up,and she said don't bother,you won't need one. D got the cuffs out,and put them on me. She placed 2 pillows on the bed,had me lay over them,and fastened the cuffs to a rope attached to the frame of the bed.We have a web belt she put around my legs and pulled tight.I knew I was in for it.D got the long leather strap out. She took her time running her hands across my still tender ass checks from the hard bath brushing the night before!
The first swing landed full force and I twister in my bonds.I was told not to move,or cry out again,or she would give me a reason to! It felt like 100 strokes on my already sore ass,but was probably closer to 50.By then I was covered in sweat,and had tears in my eyes.D asked if i thought it was enough? I said that it was her decision,and she said at least I learned that.
       D released my bonds,and laid gown next to me. She was kind enough to rub some lotion on my swollen
cheeks.I started to get hard,and was told I wouldn't need that tonight.D rolled over,and told me to get busy.After a few short minutes of kissing and stroking her breasts,she said I am ready.I moved down between her legs ,and started to lick her wet swollen pussy. I do love the taste of her juice. When D has an orgasm from me eating her, she really cums.She is so sensitive,she doesn't want me to touch her for a few minutes,till she regains her composure.I rolled over,and D snuggled against my back.It does feel good against my flaming ass.I drifted off to a sound sleep.
     Easter morning we got up,and while D put the wash in,I cleaned the master bathroom.I then cleaned the kitchen,while D made a late breakfast.When it was ready,around 12:00, that was the first time I sat down since I got up at 8.  Between our hard chairs,and my butt getting stiff from standing up,damn if if didn't hurt!
We had reservations for dinner at a local hotel. We got dressed and went to my Wife's Sisters house(  She would pass out from shock if she knew D spanked me). When I got in the front seat,next to D's sister,I groaned,and she asked if I was ok.I said yes,just a little stiff.We got to the hotel,and the best news of the evening was that they had plush chairs! The food was ok,but not for $40 per person,maybe $20.
Have I mentioned how much I love my Wife??


  1. Awesome, nice follow up spanking and well earned, wow, nice Easter,
    Thanks for sharing

  2. It was a nice Easter. I am still feeling it when I sit down!

  3. Good, that is what a real spanking is all about...also do you feel it in the shower when the hot water hits your bottom? Love that.

    1. My Easter story has a twist, for a snoopy nephew age10 has been going through my stuff, not being aware of it. My purse, taken money, panty drawer more money, jewelry, etc. I decided to set up a trap for him! With the help of my girlfriends about six! I've planned a fake slumber party, Different areas in the house, keeping my room empty with two girls waiting for him too show up? The trap was sprung, he was caught, using a pen knife on my nylons too shred them up to bits! I ask him where's my money n jewelry he refused to talk! I told the girls too strip and search him he was putting up a fight. The clothes came off! We set a bubble bath for him unless he talks? He refused to take the girlie bath! Nice perfume scented bath he was placed in. I wanted him to smell like a girl! We shaved him a little on his eyebrows quite girly too " ha ha" painted his fingernails and toesy's too so pretty. After drying him off, baby- doll nightie and matching pantie was waiting for him too join the party! He has long hair rolled up in curlers too! So so pretty we put make up on his face, took lots of pictures too! Next time Easter dress in public outing?