Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What a spanking is like for me.

    Someone asked what I felt when I am spanked. I am usually  not warned ahead of time,but when I get called to were ever D is,and she tells me to drop my pants,that is when I start getting worked up. I get  very excited, almost lightheaded with anticipation.I get turned on,and think to myself,this is what I have been craving! Once I am in position, D will get what ever "tools" she will be using.By the time she is ready to take that first swing,i am ready to jump out of my skin.And then the first swat lands,and D almost never gives a warm up before hitting hard, the excitement turns to dread,and thinking why did I ask this to happen? If it is a sensuous spanking, she will pause and run her hands across my checks and between my legs,which brings the excited turned on feeling back,and then ,crack!,a hard hit to take back the other way. This will repeat for the better part of a 1/2 hour or more.It will end with D getting me turned on,and then having me go down on her. I almost never get to cum after a spanking. I have to wait till the next morning.
Now if it is a punishment spanking, once it starts,it doesn't stop for any play. It is starts out hard,and gets harder! It is not meant to be enjoyed,and it isn't,not by me anyway.It always ends up with me taking care of D.
After the spanking ends,even the hard ones,I have a hot,buzzing tingly feeling in my butt.I have a hard time going to sleep. I have to lay on my belly,and the tingling feeling gets me turned on,and I realize how much D loves me,and then i know why I asked D to start spanking me.And because she loves me,she agreed to giving spankings a try. Now we both like spanking!


  1. I too often say to myself, "Why did I ask for this?" But the feeling soon goes away as I get caught up in the moment.

    It's wonderful that you found the courage to ask you wife to spank you, but even better is knowing that she now enjoys it too.


  2. Hi Hermione,
    I just wish I would have done it sooner! After all D is not only my Wife, but she is also my best friend! She has never let me down, But you are also right ,it is good to know that she is is not just going through the motions, that she is enjoying it.

  3. Hi
    Nice post and thanks for the details, interesting even in a loving spanking you are not permitted to Nice spankings she gives you, sounds as if you like all of us do not really "dread" it, we all love it in one way or another.

  4. I think it's wonderful that your wife enjoys spanking you. What is your state of mind before punishment though? I used to be really excited about a forthcoming punishment - until Mistress caned me much harder than my natural limits of endurance. Now I dread Thursdays, knowing that it is maintenance punishment. The drive home from work is a long one and I get very nervous the closer to home I get!

  5. I usually don't have much of a warning before I get spanked. But in that short time,I get very excited.It has been years since I have been caned. Dare I suggest that to D?

  6. My wife gave me no choice, we dated along time, had no idea of what was to become after we married. The first time I was spanked, she waited until I was done showering and told me she would not tolerate such behavior I had shown the previous day. She is a little bigger than me and well I was over her lap very quickly and that first spanking I still remember as if it was yesterday, it was five years ago. She means business and my bottom is redder than the picture, and stings like crazy. Act like a child, get treated as such and she will continue to put me across her lap each time I mess up. I get corner time, I have had my mouth washed out with soap, she is in charge and for the sake of my bottom I try to be good.

  7. Lilly,

    I hope all is well with you and Dan. Haven't heard anything from either of you in awhile and just wanted to check in. Hopefully it's just that Dan's being very well behaved and you haven't had anything to write about.


  8. Good way to describe the spanking she gave you. I hope you post more, I'm sure she has spanked you since this post.

  9. my wife began to spank me about two years ago. She uses a paddle and I must be in panties. It used to be private until he oldert cousin walked in one day while I was stretched across a table being spanked in my panties. Now her cousin comes over every Friday and watches while I am spanked She has not spanked me yet but my wife lets her lower my panties during the spanking. I must then stand facing the wall with my panties around my thighs

  10. paddling from my wife usually has a sort of build up in our marriage---tension and anger on her part about my behavior with my male friends---so its not a real shock when i finally go over the edge--we both seem to know when its got to be a bare ass paddling---no argument or even much discussion --just a quick shower--the paddle and me over her lap and hanging on to stay in place and she paddles my butt and it hurts plenty-----but then things are good between us once again. i do not like it but it does work for us---You can not argue with a very good marriage even with a few bare ass paddlings thrown in

  11. I am 22 and my wife is 29. She is the the HOH and more than capable of putting me over her knee for some serious discipline.once I came home from work to find my niece and her girl friends sunny bathing in uour back yard. All the girls were topless and on the there stomachs. Thinking how cool it would be to see the naked I took a colld water hose and snuck up on them and hosed the down causing the to jump up running like crazy baring there breast. I even got some pctures with my camera phone. Well when my wife got home the girls told her about my little trick and became instantly furious, She took me by the ear and marched me in to our bedroom. She proceeded to make me change intio a sun dress, heels and panties and told me I was going phtographs of me by the girls dresses as one, She took me to the front room for all the girls to see. The girls thought I was hilarioous taking pictures a making me pose, The my wife decided these were not embarassing enough and led me to a chair where she drapped me over her lap and proceeded to spanki me. she scolded me as she raised my skirt and lowered my panties applying a very severe spanking with her hairbrush The girls were estactic seeing me like this and begging my wife for mercy. I started to bawl as my wife was not showing any mercy as I slobbered anf kicked my legs pleading her not to spank me any more. As all this was going on the girls all had the cell phones taking photos of me getting disciplined. Finally my wife let me up only to to let each girl take a turn at spaanking for there first time a a male bottom. When they were finished I was set to the corner rubbing my bottom furiosly and bawling like a true child who had just received a much neded spanking. As it turned out many people see the photos of me getting spaanked like a bad girl bare bottomed in that sundress. I havent lived it down yet. Robin

  12. My wife took a shower, then told me to as well. As I came out of the shower, my naked wife grabbed me by my arm and led me to our king size hotel bed. It was our wedding night and I was getting more and more excited with each step. When we reached the bed, she sat down and turned me over her knee and started to spank me, telling me she was the one wearing the pants in our family & if I didn't do as she said, or back talked to her she would not hesitate to turn me over her knee and tan my hiney for me. Just then their was a knock at the door, "housekeeping". My wife told her to come in. WHAT????? As the door opened this older woman stepped in and stopped in her tracks as she took in the sight before her. I I I brought your extra towels mam. Fine, could you please put them in the bathroom, as I have my hands full right now. This woman walked within 5 feet of me and my wife didn't miss a beat as my spanking continued. She witnessed me for about 5 minutes as my wife told her it was our wedding night. "Well it looks like you are starting your marriage off on the right foot....laying down ground rules.
    My wife then let me up and put me on my back on the bed as she queened me, telling me to pay homage to her hiney with kisses, licking and biting & told me to thank her for my spanking. Just before the woman left my wife mounted me in a 69 position giving me the most fantastic blowjob. markiee

  13. After a few years of marriage my wife learned her childhood friend had spanked her husband for years. She wanted to try it s9 we did. I get spanked in my panties which I must wear whenever she leaves them out on the 1st and 15th of every month. She always bends me across the desk and spreads my legs so she can spank by rear and my thighs. Her friend ans she watch each other spanking their own husband privately. Last week she allowed her friend to spank me. It felt good but corner time was embarrassing

  14. My spankings began last Halloween. My wife dressed me as a cheerleader for her friend's costume party. On the way we had to stop at an ATM where a women said nice panties to me as I used the ATM. At the party it was difficult to keep my panties from showing but I tried. When only the hostess and we were left and about to leave she said to my wife he needs a spanking for letting his panties show. I laughed but my wife agreed. They must be bluffing so I called the bluff and lost. I had to bend over a table. They lifted my short skirt and spanked me overvmy panty hose & panties. Embarrassing. Then my wife decided to lower the panty hose and panties and I got it on my bare rear. It hurt. When they finished they watched while I struggled to get the panties and panty hose back up. I've already been told I'll be a cheer leader this coming Halloween

    1. Sadly my wife read your experience. She followed suit and dresses me as a tennis player on Halloween. Her girlfriends loved it. Now I wear some type skirt every weekend and panties all the time. Needless to say she often has a girlfriend or two over when I am dressed. It's extremely embarrassing but also exciting

  15. My wife was reluctant to spank me in the beginning of our relationship, but she has since turned into a very strict woman, when it comes to my spankings.

    I am always spanked bare bottom over her knees and it hurts and stings like crazy.
    We have no safeword, she is the one that decides when I have been punished enough and that is usually when I give up fighting and just lay limb across her knees, sobbing like a naughty little boy.

    My wife is very strict and dominant and loves to wear her black leather pants and high healed ankle boots, when I am going to be spanked. She says she loves the dominant state she comes into when she wears her leather pants and that it sets the right atmosfere for a naughty boy spanking.
    I agree totally and I am so turned on by seeing her in her tight black leather pants, sitting on our spanking chair holding the heavy wooden bathbrush in her hand.

    Before I have to lay myself across her leather clad knees, she pulls my jeans and underwear down to my ankles and exposes me with my excitement showing.
    That is so humiliating, but she is firmly in charge and I have to do as I am told or my spanking will be much worse than it is already going to be.
    My wife locks my wrists together in front of me, tells me to stand on her right side and slaps the wooden bathbrush against her left palm.

    Feeling very excited about the thought of laying across my wifes leather clad knees about to get a hard and thorough bare bottom spanking is heaven to me, even though I know how much it is going to hurt and sting my bottom.

    Finally my strict wife tells me to get over her knees and pay the price for acting like a naughty little boy.
    I obey her and place myself over her leather clad knees feeling my excitement pressing againsther left thigh.

    I am in heaven at this stage, but when my wife starts to spank me with the wooden bathbrush, heaven turns into agony and pain and my excitement quickly goes away.

    I am held firmly acrossmy wifes knees as she spanks me good and hard. She is very strong and has no problem dealing with me.

    I can cry, beg, plead all I want to, but she does not stop spanking me before she knows I have learned my lesson.
    That normally takes her about five minutes and when she hears me sobbing and bawling my eyes out she knows and finishes my punishment with a dozen very hard spanks to each cheek.

    I am broken by this stage and promises through my sobbing to be a good boy and never to act like a naughty little boy again.

    Then my wife will stop spanking me and let me regaine a little composure, before she sends me to the corner to reflect on the consequenses of my nauhgty behavior.
    I am to stand pressing my nose into the corner with my hands at my side at all times.
    I am not allowed to rub my burning bottom and if my wifecatches me doing it, she will take me across her knees again and give me another spanking.

    This is pure agony and makes me feel like a naughty little boy.
    My bottom stings and burns like crazy as I try to stop crying in the corner.

    After 30 minutes of cornertime I am called back to the spanking chair where my has been sitting watching me.
    I have to apologize for my naughty behavior and thank my wife for taking her time to discipline me.

    After that I am allowed to rub my bottom and go and clean my tear stained face.

    I am so gratefull towards my wife, for loving me enough to discipline and spank me when I misbehave.

    1. My spankings from my wife usually start after I have been lectured as she takes my trousers and underpants off! I feel a growing excitement as my underpants are removed exposing my erection! She gives me a warm up, hand spanking which inreases my anticipation ,yet when she then tells met o bend over the first few stinging strokes with her cane or hair brush makes my excitement wane somewhat! But it soon it soon returns as the caning proceeds without haste .She likes to cane my thighs as well as my buttocks so my rear end is soon burning and stinging me! She pauses to examine my bum and thighs,runnning her hand over them to feel the red raised stripes of the cane! After about 25 strokes she uses her strap or her martinet .The thongs from that go everywhere! She insists on examining my botom cleft to check where they have struck! I do not escape corner time -usuall for half an hour with salps if I move or try to soothe my bottom!We do enjoy the whole experience and my lovely wife later ensures we make up in the best way!

    2. OMG I also was spanked OTK on August 22. When she had me kicking and crying she put me in the corner for a good hour with a very sore bottom. Robin

  16. Have you ever had a hard spanking immediately after being made to cum? That is real punishment and all disciplinary spankings should be of this variety. There would be way less misbehavior.

  17. I was disciplined with the paddle about a half an hour ago. I work as a personal trainer and that involves wearing tights and leggings. It's quite common to feel female fingers pinching my behind when I walk and other times during the workouts. My lady has expressed issues, to say the least, about other women putting their hands on my behind. To be honest, I'm proud of the way my backside looks in my tights and I absolutely love my butt pinched (feels so incredibly good). I pleaded with her to listen to reason,in that that's all they've done. She insisted that it's merely a matter of principle and I was made to assume the position this morning for six of her absolute hardest with that paddle across my tights.

    She's really strict with the paddle, and I think I was disciplined unfairly. Six across my tights for a pinch is a little excessive, but I can appreciate the principle, as hard as she gave it to me. I know she cares about me and the paddle helps keep me in line and helps me focus. Other women in her life know she disciplines and one actually told me it would be hard for me to gain sympathy, in light of how pinchable my patties look when I wear tights. The girl I'm seeing likes me in tights and she's admitted to me that she doesn't exactly dread it when she paddles my buttie. Oooo..ouch !!

    I put it in perspective. If she didn't care about me and if I didn't have an attractive behind, I would rarely get pinched- let alone disciplined with the paddle. And I'm glad -in my case - did I have a one who is at least honest enough to admit that she enjoys applying that paddle. After I'm disciplined. She lays me down on the bed over some pillows and I'm treated to rubs, pinches, tickles etc. It's during the “etc” that I actually thank her for paddling my buttie hard. Most adults that get our butties spanked tend to get ours played with, too (oooooo love that).

    That's a legitimate domestic discipline relationship. She doesn't hide behind or make a mockery of the faith, I know the behaviors beforehand the result in a paddling and I bend over because she makes me feel like I matter. Even though, as I stated earlier, I think this time it wasn't fair…. I love it when she disciplines me in my tights!!