Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Show and a Spanking

       Saturday morning was a day that was reserved for a  me day. Once a year, there is a BIG Antique motorcycle show close to our home. This year another couple went with us. There weather was real nice, 68 and sunny. All four of us walked around for about an hour, and then the women went to the school across the street and set up a couple lawn chairs. Myself, and the other guy walked around, and talked to all the people I knew. We were there from 10am till 3:30; I cut it short this year.
After leaving, we went to a local Bar/Restaurant in a historic inn. The food was pretty good.  Had a good time just sitting there talking. The other couple had to leave to pick up their granddaughter.  So D and I ended up heading to another bar a few towns away, were we met up with Ds’ nephew.  He and his wife are our age. We had a lite meal at the first joint, so we had another lite meal at this one. We both like dark beer. D found a new one that she likes; it is called Clown Shoes Black IPA.Found a place semi local were we can get some.Need to make a road trip Saturday.
      After we got home,We both took showers,it was pretty dusty walking around at the show. Enough that you could feel the grit. I was all set for a nice romantic time. D has always taken her shower first. So when I came out of the shower,the extra pillows were already in the center off the bed. She said get in to position. I didn't ask why, I just did as i was told.After I was in position,and received the first hard  dozen hits with the bath brush, she said did you lock the door tonight? I new I was getting for letting the door unlocked last week.D alternated between the brush and the strap.Damn she was hitting pretty hard with the brush. It really stings on the back of the upper thighs! She finished me off with the strap.I lost count at 43,because that is when she kicked it into high gear and  hit fast and hard. She literally had me sweating! I felt this one for a couple days. Using the riding tractor the following day was  interesting .
          We have been pretty busy the last few months,but know that summer is here, hopefully we will have more time for each other!


  1. Am I reading this right you got spanked last week and this week for the same thing? Did you leave the door unlocked twice?
    If not then I think D must really be upset or figures you must need that point really driven home with a reminder lesson this week.


  2. Last week was for leaving a mess in the kitchen,and not picking up a dead mouse outside the back door.D gave me a break Sunday evening. She thought i was sore enough. The way we had to work last month,the weekend is the only time we had for each other. She saved the unlocked door for Saturday.But I did leave both the front and back doors unlocked.

  3. Nice sound and hard spanking.....well done, happy for both of you! Keep forgetting to lock the door!

    1. Eugene from Saddle RiverMay 5, 2013 at 1:42 PM

      Is the spanking accomplishing the desired weight loss? I am a little surprised that you did not get something extra severe for the eating two meals. Wouldn't have been best to have just a salad at one? Or gone jogging when you reached home.... My girlfriend has sometimes spanked me to get me on a diet, it only sometimes to work if she is pretty intense

  4. Well Ron,
    It will happen again. I am good for once or twice a month for not locking the door.We live in the country,and I grew up not locking the door. Now it is just because i forget!

    We split a salad and a flat bread pizza. At the second meal we split wings. We didn't eat a big meal ,because we knew we were going to places. I have had some medical issues since last summer. I am all clear know. Just had blood work done last week.All my counts are surprisingly good.Just need to lose 80 pounds!! We will officially start sometime this week. We ordered 2 canes from Cane-iac,that will be used for weight loss enforcement.

  5. Marie AntoinetteJune 19, 2013 at 5:06 PM

    With that much weight to lose, I I think caning should start soon. And since you will probably need to be caned more than once a week, D should give a good warm up with her hand first. That way she can keep you sore, and toeing the line without splitting your skin wide open

  6. I have only once left a door unlocked !.My wife was very annoyed and despite my profuse regrets she wasted no time in going to get her long rattan cane ,waving it in my direction and ordering me to undress, below the waist ! She pulled me across her knees and gave me a 20 hand slap warm up spanking on my bare bottom and thighs.It stung and my bum was sore before she had me bend over a chair as she lectured me , she gave me the deserved caning! She always takes her time and canes quite hard , and I was soon gasping and crying out louidly as her cane cut across my buttocks ,igniing 'fire' in my bum cheeks and she did not forget to cane my thighs! She had me jerking up, hands clutching my burning buttocks and the thigh caning had me dancing about ! I must have had 25 strokes of that stinging cane , before iI had to go in the corner with my bare bum on full view! She slapped my bottom several times when I tried to rub and soothe my bum ! Before I was allowed to go to the bathroom to cool my bum she gave me another 4 ,penalty strokes for getting up during the caning !Later she came and rubbed my bum for me etc !!!