Saturday, October 19, 2013

We are back and blue.

    We are back. And I am black and blue (not really,just red). I had a small warm up spanking. Just enough to tease me.We spent most of the summer caring for a love one,and doing a lot of work on the house. It made for a lot of long days,with not a lot of time for us.Now it is time to get back to were we belong.
    I have started on an exercise program,and a diet.For those who don't know,I am a below the knee amputee.I just got a new awesome leg.I can know ride bicycle,and a few other exercises I couldn't.t do.I have a leg that fits lower on my stump,and is liter and more flexible than any leg I've had. A new prosthetist came to town,with newer ideas than the "chain store" group .
I was informed last night that D has been practicing with the cane. I will find out sometime over the weekend how well the practice went. I will start my weekly weigh In's tomorrow morning.D feels that will keep me under control on the weekends, when I know that I will have to show results on Sunday.


  1. Many more spankings for you I hope

  2. Would love to know about the details of your weight loss program. Rewards, punishments, and requirements.

  3. congrats on your new leg, I hope it helps you get the exercise you need. I too am a spanked husband and between maintenance and discipline we get along much better. I hope she has good aim with the cane good luck.

  4. I began spanking my husband about 18 months ago. I give him a good spanking with a hairbrush. His hiney is very red and sore but that's all. He wears panties almost every day. I make him wear panties for his annual checkup. The doctor is a woman and I accompany him. She keeps him in just panties while she takes the vitals them gives him the gown
    I spank him stretched over a table and lower his panties during the spanking. Last month a neighbor came in unexpectedly. I had forgotten to lock the back door. She saw him across the table, panties at his thighs and a very red bottom. I stopped but she said go right on if I can watch. We continued. Now I invited her over most times

  5. Hi,My wife introduced spanking into our relationship some 3 years ago after I had been rude to her mother! She was invited to see the first hairbrush spanking I had from my wife over rmy trousers ! Since then my wife has aquired more items to spank me with ,including a cane!She canes me sharply across my bare bottom after she has undressed me, which she really enjoys ! She has me bending over a chair or touching my toes for up to 20 strokes plus extra for getting up etc and giving my bum a rub! Her mother has been allowed to give me a warm up spanking! That is very embarrassing as she also takes my pants off to slap my bare bum and can see my 'privates' ! She also wants to be able to cane me and my wife is thinking about it !

    1. Hi, Since I wrote in July I have been punished by my wife quite often and she has become a very keen caner !She has also told my own Mum that she punishes me! My Mum had in fact guesed I was being caned because I squirmed sometimes when we went there for a meal!It culminated in her being invited, with an aunt, to see me thrashed for various breaches of my wife's Rules ! My wife sat down in front of me and undid my trousers and took them down with my underpants! My penis bounced into view, to my great embarrassment but Mum had 'seen it all' when she used to cane me at home. Aunty was very surprised but enjoyed the view and joined my mum in slapping my bare buttocks, before I was caned! My wife caned me sharply and had me gasping and crying out with pain of the strokes . My wife pausd every 6 strokes to examine my buttocks and the raised red ridges and general redness! I pleaded with her to stop but she ignored my pleas and the others told her to give me a sound caning! After about 25 strokes she finally stopped and they were allowed to see my bum for themselves! They sueeezed my buttocks and that was painful, like extra strokes! I could not sit for tea !.My wife said she would invite them again soon !

  6. My wife puts up with a whole lot of outrageous conduct on my part----finally to vent her frustration she paddles my naked butt and it really hurts----No argument from me when it has to happen i get the skinny stick quick shower bend over right out of shower and she paddlesm y naked butt and it really hurts but it sets things right so all is ok