Monday, April 22, 2013

Friday Night Guessing Game

Friday after work, we went out and took care of our shopping for the week. We hit Trader Joe’s and the local farmers market.  On the way back we stopped to see our Niece, she was painting at Ds’ sisters’ house. We ran out to the paint store just before they closed, and bought a couple gallons. The “painters” only had 2 quarts to paint a good sized room.
We went home, put everything away , and sat down to chill a little while. I said, well I am going to take a shower.  I went to the bedroom and striped. D called down the hall and asked if I was getting in the shower yet. I replied, Just about.  D asked me to come out to the kitchen. When I stepped around the corner, she was standing there with a belt in her hand. It is a belt that has little metal rounded studs on it. She told me to lean over the counter, and gave me a dozen fairly hard swats. She asked if I knew what I did. I said no, and she told me to think about it, and to get my ass in the shower. After I finished with the shower, I entered the bedroom and the pillows were lying in the middle of the bed. I was told to get in position, and think about what I may have done. D took a shower, came back in and said she would give me something that may improve my memory. She started right in with the bath brush.  I didn’t expect it right away, and became a little vocal, and moved around. I was told to lay still and be a quiet, or I would really get it! We don’t count swats, D just spanks till I am a nice shade of red, and sweating! After  a few dozen hits with the brush, she switched to the strap.  She likes to use the strap to fire up the top of my thighs and the sweet spot. Just when I thought she was done, she went back to the brush. She gave me a dozen more, just to make sure. D told me to move; she removed the pillows and said I am ready. Of course one of us ended the night with a Big O, and one of us ended up sleeping on their stomach.
We woke up early Saturday ,and did some work around the house. Every time I sat down, it was a reminder of the spanking from the night before. I had some major health problems the past year. I was to the Doctor Thursday, for a checkup. Turns out that I am a little low on iron, and vitamin d. We decided to take the prescription to the natural pharmacy a little ways up the road from us; damn that road is bumpy on a sore butt! The pharmacist gave me an iron supplement to take twice a day. He said I should notice increased energy in 7-10 days.  On the way back home, we stopped at the seafood shop. We picked up a couple crab cakes and scallops. I had to clean up some brush out in the upper part of the yard. D gave me a wave, to let me know it was time to come in. I went in to take a shower while she cooked dinner. D sautéed the scallops and crab cakes in a little smart balance and a light seasoning. Man was it good!
A little later we headed for the bedroom.  We lay down just to relax a little while. When D said, I was not done last night. She started out with a new weapon; it had a nice sting to it. It turns out that it was a silicone spatula. After a little while she put it down, and started to massage my checks. D slowly ran her fingers between my cheeks, and under to play with my balls, she started to stroke me, and all of a sudden she cracked me with the bath brush. A couple shots with it make you go limp pretty quick. This was repeated a few times.  The night ended the same as the previous one.
Sunday was an uneventful day .Just worked around the house, went into town later on and picked up a pizza. Later on we watched The Amazon Race, and then went to the bedroom. While lying there D causally said, you left the front door unlocked last night.  I thought I might be in for another round, but we just went to sleep.  I am sure she is saving that for another day.  I guess I should confess, I also left the back door unlocked!


  1. So what was your transgression that caused the Friday nite strapping?

  2. Yeah, what did you do to get so well spanked?

    Great story and love the relationship.

  3. Yeah, what "lesson" were you supposed to "learn"???

  4. It was a combination of leaving a mess in the kitchen,not picking up a dead mouse outside the back door, after being told 3 times, and picking on the cat.

  5. Sounds like it was well deserved!!!


    1. I definitely needed it. There was a few other things. D was a little stressed about moving into a new position at work. I think it was also a stress reliever!

  6. My wife is very security minded and I will not forget the punishment she gave me for leaving our back door unlocked the night before ! She lectured me for several minutes and then as I stood in front of her she continued whilst she took my trousers and pants off! She put me over her knees and started to spank my bum sharply by hand ,ten picked up her hairbrush and i really did feel the pain of her whacks on my bare buttocks still puntuating the spanks with her continuing lecturing ! I was struggling and trying to cover my already painful bum and also my thighs! She paused examaning my red hot rear and snapped "time for the cane ,I think".I was gasping and tried to persuade her I hdd been punished enough ,"You are joking" she snapped again was her reply! She returned with her long rattan cane and as I bent down reaching for my ankles I felt the first of 15 sharp strokes on my bare buttocks and thighs! the pain was making me cry out loudly and I did start to shed tears and tried to get up but failed ! After, corner time was miserable as I was not allowed to soothe my pain wracked bottom still giving sobs and gasps of pain as twwinges shot across my bum cheeks ! Len.