Saturday, October 19, 2013

We are back and blue.

    We are back. And I am black and blue (not really,just red). I had a small warm up spanking. Just enough to tease me.We spent most of the summer caring for a love one,and doing a lot of work on the house. It made for a lot of long days,with not a lot of time for us.Now it is time to get back to were we belong.
    I have started on an exercise program,and a diet.For those who don't know,I am a below the knee amputee.I just got a new awesome leg.I can know ride bicycle,and a few other exercises I couldn't.t do.I have a leg that fits lower on my stump,and is liter and more flexible than any leg I've had. A new prosthetist came to town,with newer ideas than the "chain store" group .
I was informed last night that D has been practicing with the cane. I will find out sometime over the weekend how well the practice went. I will start my weekly weigh In's tomorrow morning.D feels that will keep me under control on the weekends, when I know that I will have to show results on Sunday.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What a spanking is like for me.

    Someone asked what I felt when I am spanked. I am usually  not warned ahead of time,but when I get called to were ever D is,and she tells me to drop my pants,that is when I start getting worked up. I get  very excited, almost lightheaded with anticipation.I get turned on,and think to myself,this is what I have been craving! Once I am in position, D will get what ever "tools" she will be using.By the time she is ready to take that first swing,i am ready to jump out of my skin.And then the first swat lands,and D almost never gives a warm up before hitting hard, the excitement turns to dread,and thinking why did I ask this to happen? If it is a sensuous spanking, she will pause and run her hands across my checks and between my legs,which brings the excited turned on feeling back,and then ,crack!,a hard hit to take back the other way. This will repeat for the better part of a 1/2 hour or more.It will end with D getting me turned on,and then having me go down on her. I almost never get to cum after a spanking. I have to wait till the next morning.
Now if it is a punishment spanking, once it starts,it doesn't stop for any play. It is starts out hard,and gets harder! It is not meant to be enjoyed,and it isn't,not by me anyway.It always ends up with me taking care of D.
After the spanking ends,even the hard ones,I have a hot,buzzing tingly feeling in my butt.I have a hard time going to sleep. I have to lay on my belly,and the tingling feeling gets me turned on,and I realize how much D loves me,and then i know why I asked D to start spanking me.And because she loves me,she agreed to giving spankings a try. Now we both like spanking!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Show and a Spanking

       Saturday morning was a day that was reserved for a  me day. Once a year, there is a BIG Antique motorcycle show close to our home. This year another couple went with us. There weather was real nice, 68 and sunny. All four of us walked around for about an hour, and then the women went to the school across the street and set up a couple lawn chairs. Myself, and the other guy walked around, and talked to all the people I knew. We were there from 10am till 3:30; I cut it short this year.
After leaving, we went to a local Bar/Restaurant in a historic inn. The food was pretty good.  Had a good time just sitting there talking. The other couple had to leave to pick up their granddaughter.  So D and I ended up heading to another bar a few towns away, were we met up with Ds’ nephew.  He and his wife are our age. We had a lite meal at the first joint, so we had another lite meal at this one. We both like dark beer. D found a new one that she likes; it is called Clown Shoes Black IPA.Found a place semi local were we can get some.Need to make a road trip Saturday.
      After we got home,We both took showers,it was pretty dusty walking around at the show. Enough that you could feel the grit. I was all set for a nice romantic time. D has always taken her shower first. So when I came out of the shower,the extra pillows were already in the center off the bed. She said get in to position. I didn't ask why, I just did as i was told.After I was in position,and received the first hard  dozen hits with the bath brush, she said did you lock the door tonight? I new I was getting for letting the door unlocked last week.D alternated between the brush and the strap.Damn she was hitting pretty hard with the brush. It really stings on the back of the upper thighs! She finished me off with the strap.I lost count at 43,because that is when she kicked it into high gear and  hit fast and hard. She literally had me sweating! I felt this one for a couple days. Using the riding tractor the following day was  interesting .
          We have been pretty busy the last few months,but know that summer is here, hopefully we will have more time for each other!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Friday Night Guessing Game

Friday after work, we went out and took care of our shopping for the week. We hit Trader Joe’s and the local farmers market.  On the way back we stopped to see our Niece, she was painting at Ds’ sisters’ house. We ran out to the paint store just before they closed, and bought a couple gallons. The “painters” only had 2 quarts to paint a good sized room.
We went home, put everything away , and sat down to chill a little while. I said, well I am going to take a shower.  I went to the bedroom and striped. D called down the hall and asked if I was getting in the shower yet. I replied, Just about.  D asked me to come out to the kitchen. When I stepped around the corner, she was standing there with a belt in her hand. It is a belt that has little metal rounded studs on it. She told me to lean over the counter, and gave me a dozen fairly hard swats. She asked if I knew what I did. I said no, and she told me to think about it, and to get my ass in the shower. After I finished with the shower, I entered the bedroom and the pillows were lying in the middle of the bed. I was told to get in position, and think about what I may have done. D took a shower, came back in and said she would give me something that may improve my memory. She started right in with the bath brush.  I didn’t expect it right away, and became a little vocal, and moved around. I was told to lay still and be a quiet, or I would really get it! We don’t count swats, D just spanks till I am a nice shade of red, and sweating! After  a few dozen hits with the brush, she switched to the strap.  She likes to use the strap to fire up the top of my thighs and the sweet spot. Just when I thought she was done, she went back to the brush. She gave me a dozen more, just to make sure. D told me to move; she removed the pillows and said I am ready. Of course one of us ended the night with a Big O, and one of us ended up sleeping on their stomach.
We woke up early Saturday ,and did some work around the house. Every time I sat down, it was a reminder of the spanking from the night before. I had some major health problems the past year. I was to the Doctor Thursday, for a checkup. Turns out that I am a little low on iron, and vitamin d. We decided to take the prescription to the natural pharmacy a little ways up the road from us; damn that road is bumpy on a sore butt! The pharmacist gave me an iron supplement to take twice a day. He said I should notice increased energy in 7-10 days.  On the way back home, we stopped at the seafood shop. We picked up a couple crab cakes and scallops. I had to clean up some brush out in the upper part of the yard. D gave me a wave, to let me know it was time to come in. I went in to take a shower while she cooked dinner. D sautéed the scallops and crab cakes in a little smart balance and a light seasoning. Man was it good!
A little later we headed for the bedroom.  We lay down just to relax a little while. When D said, I was not done last night. She started out with a new weapon; it had a nice sting to it. It turns out that it was a silicone spatula. After a little while she put it down, and started to massage my checks. D slowly ran her fingers between my cheeks, and under to play with my balls, she started to stroke me, and all of a sudden she cracked me with the bath brush. A couple shots with it make you go limp pretty quick. This was repeated a few times.  The night ended the same as the previous one.
Sunday was an uneventful day .Just worked around the house, went into town later on and picked up a pizza. Later on we watched The Amazon Race, and then went to the bedroom. While lying there D causally said, you left the front door unlocked last night.  I thought I might be in for another round, but we just went to sleep.  I am sure she is saving that for another day.  I guess I should confess, I also left the back door unlocked!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

  Last night, we got in bed and started out kissing,and doing some gentle touching. As things started to get more passionate, i thought maybe there wouldn't be a spanking.About that time,D pushed me away,got out of bed,turned the light on,and told me to get into position.   D picked up the strap,while I placed the pillows under my hips and prepared for a  hard spanking.D took it fairly easy on me. Maybe a hundred moderate strokes. My butt is tingling as I sit here and type this,but there is no real bruising.After all, I have a yearly physical coming up Wednesday.I won't need to explain to the Doc what the bruises are while he has a finger up my butt!
With every thing that has gone on,we still haven't started the diet in earnest.I have lost a few pounds,but more important,is that I have started a regular exercise program.
Have I said how much I love D? It is a great feeling to know that you have someone who cares and stands beside you.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I am still here!

Things are a little quite on the spanking front. I went into the Hospital for a small outpatient procedure. I had to leave the bandage on for 24 hours.I was told to take a shower,and then I could take it off,and just use a band aide. I removed the bandage,and within a few hours the area was red,and burning. I ignored it the next day,and finally on the 3rd day,I went to the emergency room. My Wife and niece said they will give you some ointment to clear it up.Ha! I knew better than that I always end up staying when I go to the emergency room. The Doctor took one look and said you will be staying a few days. They took some blood cultures.which take 48 hours to get the results. Mean while I was just hanging out in a room,getting IV antibiotics twice a day. I am back home now, it was a reaction to the adhesive and or anti bacterial cream they used.
Thanks,will be posting soon,I am sure.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

I hope everyone is having a Happy Easter.! I am. I am sitting in a big comfy chair right now,mostly because it is the only one that is keeping my butt from hurting. Even sitting here,I am having that special tingle you get from a well spanked ass.We went out for dinner with some friends Saturday night.We had a nice evening . We got back home around 10:45. D and and I sat in the living room for a little while watching the tv and talking about the evening. D said we aren't fooling around tonight are we? I gave a smart assed whatever.
D said that was rude. I  didn't think anything about it.
      We went back to the bedroom,got in bed,and turned the lights out.A little while later,D said she changed her mind,and said she was taking a quick shower.When she was done,I started to get up,and she said don't bother,you won't need one. D got the cuffs out,and put them on me. She placed 2 pillows on the bed,had me lay over them,and fastened the cuffs to a rope attached to the frame of the bed.We have a web belt she put around my legs and pulled tight.I knew I was in for it.D got the long leather strap out. She took her time running her hands across my still tender ass checks from the hard bath brushing the night before!
The first swing landed full force and I twister in my bonds.I was told not to move,or cry out again,or she would give me a reason to! It felt like 100 strokes on my already sore ass,but was probably closer to 50.By then I was covered in sweat,and had tears in my eyes.D asked if i thought it was enough? I said that it was her decision,and she said at least I learned that.
       D released my bonds,and laid gown next to me. She was kind enough to rub some lotion on my swollen
cheeks.I started to get hard,and was told I wouldn't need that tonight.D rolled over,and told me to get busy.After a few short minutes of kissing and stroking her breasts,she said I am ready.I moved down between her legs ,and started to lick her wet swollen pussy. I do love the taste of her juice. When D has an orgasm from me eating her, she really cums.She is so sensitive,she doesn't want me to touch her for a few minutes,till she regains her composure.I rolled over,and D snuggled against my back.It does feel good against my flaming ass.I drifted off to a sound sleep.
     Easter morning we got up,and while D put the wash in,I cleaned the master bathroom.I then cleaned the kitchen,while D made a late breakfast.When it was ready,around 12:00, that was the first time I sat down since I got up at 8.  Between our hard chairs,and my butt getting stiff from standing up,damn if if didn't hurt!
We had reservations for dinner at a local hotel. We got dressed and went to my Wife's Sisters house(  She would pass out from shock if she knew D spanked me). When I got in the front seat,next to D's sister,I groaned,and she asked if I was ok.I said yes,just a little stiff.We got to the hotel,and the best news of the evening was that they had plush chairs! The food was ok,but not for $40 per person,maybe $20.
Have I mentioned how much I love my Wife??